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Manage Guest Consents

Guestbook 247 provides you the ability to manage a couple of consents for guest. 

  • Contractual Consent : This is the implicit consent a guest gives for you to service their booking or enquiry. They can't opt out of this consent as it's need to provide your accommodation service to them. It's separated out from your overall terms and conditions to make it clearer to the guests. 
  • Newsletter Consent : this is optional and can be used to provide you the permission to send occasional newsletters & offer emails to guests. Guest can opt in or out at anytime.
In order to manage these consents access the Settings page from the menu Setup | Settings

Updating consent text

You must review and provide a contractual consent. this should be worded to compliment your overall terms and conditions. Under GDPR it's recommended to bring out the implicit privacy consent from the overall contract agreement to make sure it's very clear and transparent to consumers. 

The newsletter consent is optional, so if you leave this blank the guest will not be asked for Newsletter consent, If you do want to request Newsletter consent from guests then simply provide some text in the settings page. This will then mean guests are shown the Newsletter consent on their consent page, booking confirmation page, enquiry pages and on direct paid for bookings through BookIt.