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The invoicing feature makes it very easy to email or print formatted invoices containing your own logo. There is one invoice per booking, an invoice is made up of invoice lines and payment records. When a booking is first created you enter a base rate, the system adds an invoice line called "base rate" or will split the base rate amount across one or more invoice lines as defined by the selected base rate template. For instance you may have a template for room and breakfast, in which case 2 invoice lines are created and breakfast set to a defined fixed amount and the remainder for the room rate. Each line can have a different tax rate too. See Base Rate Templates for more info.

Additional invoice items can be easily added to a booking. Each invoice item is associated with an invoice category, this allows you to group invoice items for later reporting and setting up default values. For instance you can create an invoice category called "Airport Transfer" and set defaults like the price and tax rate.

The invoicing also take into account whether you are VAT registered or not. When you first access the invoicing feature you will be asked to provide your VAT details.

Invoice numbers are auto-generated but can be overtyped but the system keeps a check to ensure there are no duplicates assigned.

Getting Started
From either the booking edit page or the booking details popup there's an invoice button. If it's the first time you access the invoice feature you will be asked if you are VAT registered. If you are then you will also be asked for your VAT number that can then appear on invoices and a default VAT Rate.

Setup VAT

Once you have configured your VAT settings you will see the Invoice page for the booking. The main feature here is the list of invoice items, the exact view will depend if you are configured for VAT or not. The "Balance" shows what left to pay.

Editing an invoice

Add Invoice Item
From this page you can see the current list of invoice items. Click on the Description of an invoice line to edit the details. Click the button "Add Invoice Item" to add a new invoice item.

Adding invoice item with and without VAT

The 2 images above show the Add Invoice Item pop-up, the one on the left is when No VAT is configured whilst the other is when VAT is configured.  For each invoice item a category needs to be selected, you can add your categories, see below. By selecting a category most the other fields will be filled in but you may want to overwrite the Price or Quantity for instance.

Manage Categories
Your account comes preconfigured with some invoice categories but you can edit, remove and add your own categories. Though the "Base Rate" category can not be removed. For each category you can define the default values for items like the price, vat rate etc. To quickly add a new category click the "Add Category" button from the invoice page or to manage all categories access the Setup option "Invoice Categories"

Add Quick Payment
When a guest checks out you will probably need to access the Invoice page to check if there is any outstanding balance and to record such payment. Click the "Add Quick Payment" button to record a payment, this is similar to adding a payment from the Booking Edit page but you don't need to provide due amount or due date information, these are set for you.  See the payments help page for more information.

Add Quick Payment

Invoice Date and Notes
By default each booking invoice will have an invoice date set to today's date, this can be overridden from selecting a new date in the "Invoice Date" field. The "Invoice Note" provides a free text field that will be included on the final invoice.

Invoice Numbers
To make life as easy as possible the system will auto assign an invoice number the first time an invoice is accessed. This invoice number is based upon the last saved invoice, taking the last invoice number and incrementing by 1. However the invoice number can be overtyped, doing so the system will check that it's a unique invoice number, so you can never get duplicate invoice numbers. To the right of the invoice number field a green tick or red cross will display, a red cross means the invoice number is already in use. 

Despite being called an invoice number it can contain letters. For instance you could type in "XTB176" as an invoice number. The next auto generated invoice number will be "XTB177". Note that only when you click "Preview Invoice" is the invoice number saved to the database.

Multi-Language Invoices
Currently invoices can be produced in English or German.

Preview, Email &  Print Invoice
To preview and then email or print an invoice click the "Preview Invoice" button. This will show a formatted preview of invoice, see below.

Preview Invoice
To email the invoice simply click the email button, this will send to the email of the main guest. If the main guest has no email defined then the Email button is not displayed and a warning message is displayed that the email address is not set. To Print simply click the Print button.