myAllocator Checklist

Things don't always go smoothly when synching bookings between Guestbook247, myAllocator and various booking channels services. Guestbook pushes any relevant changes to myAllocator and receives back any new bookings or cancellations made via a connected channel.

Check Connections and Room Type mappings

First up have you connected Guestbook 247 to myAllocator?. To check review

This will show if you are connected okay, if you are then :
  • can map your room types to myallocator room types
  • provide some diagnostic data
  • allow you to authorise guestbook to access myAllocator
If not then you will be able to start the connection process.

Review Availability and Rate Rules

What availability and rates are sent to myAllocator is determined by the rules you configure, These can be managed from

From this page you can :
  • manage availability and rate rules
  • see the guestbook view of what is available to myAllocator and downstream channels
  • by clicking the "View History" button you can see a detailed diagnostic listing of all data sent to myAllocator and the response received.
  • Click the "Send Rules" button to push a refresh of all rules to myAllocator - can be useful if you suspect the availability between guestbook and myAllocator is incorrect.

Review Booking Request Callbacks

myAllocator will send guestbook messages when a new booking is made on a connected channel or an update to an existing booking. It's possible to view the diagnostic information about these messages from

When a message from myAllocator is processed okay then the listing will provide a link to the booking created or updated on guestbook.

If there's an issue processing an incoming message then you will receive an email summarizing the issue and providing links to the detailed diagnostic data.  The Guestbook 247 team will also receive notification of a potential issue and rest assured will be looking to help you.

Common issue for processing incoming messages include:


When cancellations are received from myAllocator these will cancel matching booking  on guestbook.  You will also receive an email notification.


Currently guestbook does not fully process modifications made to existing bookings received from myAllocator. You will receive an email showing the new booking details. We hope to provide better support for booking modifications in the near future.