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With guestbook247 you can connect to your QuickBooks Online company. When this is setup guestbook247 can then publish invoice, payments and customer information to your QuickBooks company.

To get started connecting you will need an existing QuickBooks account and then access the accounting link feature in guestbook247

You will need to enter your Quickbook username and password but rest assured guestbook247 never knows or stores these credentials. We use a secure industry standard protocol called oAuth to grant your guestbook247 account access QuickBooks .

If the connection is successful guestbook247 will show a short diagnostic report. This checks some pre-requistie settings in QuickBooks are compatible with guestbook247. Note that QuickBooks integration is only available for UK customers at present.

An example prerequisite report

QuickBooks is configured for sales tax : Yes
Tax Codes Verified: Zero-Rated (0%): Yes, Standard (20%): Yes,
All tax codes found
Payment Methods Verified: Cash: Yes, CreditCard: Yes, DirectDebit: Yes, Cheque: Yes,
All payment methods found
QuickBooks home currency is : GBP
Overall : good

If any prerequisite test fails then guestbook247 will have problems publishing data to QuickBooks .

QuickBooks is configured for sales tax : Is VAT enabled in QuickBooks ?

Tax Codes Verified: The following tax codes need to be available : Zero-Rated (0%), Standard (20%)

Payment Methods Verified: The following need to be available : Cash, CreditCard, DirectDebit, Cheque.

QuickBooks home currency is : currency needs to be GBP

Disconnecting From QuickBooks

There are two ways to disconnect from QuickBooks.
1. From guestbook247 click the Disconnect button. 2. From the QuickBooks App Store click the disconnect option.

Either option means Guestbook247 will no longer be able to send information to QuickBooks.

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