How to create a new account?

We offer a 2 month free trial with no obligations to continue, simply go to the registration page or review the info at www.guestbook247.com

How do I get rid of the demonstration bookings

If during registration you opted for the system to add some demonstration bookings you may now want to remove these. There's a feature available to remove all bookings and guest so that you can start using Guestbook 247 with a clean slate. See the help for Demonstration Bookings

Can Guestbook 24/7 publish to online channels or OTAs

Sure can. Guestbook 24/7 is fully integrated with the leading channel management solution myAllocator. Separate fees apply to myAllocator but there's no additional fees to enable with Guestbook 24/7. Once enabled room availability and rates can all be managed through Guestbook 24/7 and automatically published to myAllocator for distribution to your favourites channels such as booking.com, expedia.com, LateRooms, plus many more.

Can we import data from another system?

Yes of course. Data can be imported from a text file format so if you are currently using a spreadsheet or another PMS application we should be able to import the data. Please review the help on Data Import

How can we include our own business logo in invoices and emails

You need to access the "Branding" setup page from the Settings menu or access directly from here

Split Tax Rate Invoices

The invoicing feature allows to you add whatever lines you like to an invoice but to make life easier when a room base rate includes several items at different tax rates (room and breakfast) then use base rate templates to simply define rules for allocation and tax rates. Can defines as many templates as you need. See Invoicing for more info.