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General CSV Format

CSV File Format
The file format is a text file or an Excel CSV formatted file for example. There are a number of mandatory columns that need to be present and a number of optional columns. The order of the columns must be as prescribed here. The first line must be a header line. Suggest the example CSV file is downloaded and edited to test the import process with just one or two test bookings.

Mandatory columns

 Name Type Description
 ChannelBookingID string  A unique id / ref from the external system you are importing from. Used to identify import bookings when validation exceptions ocurr and useful to link back the imported bookings in the future.
 ArrivalDate dd-mmm-yy   Day of arrival - example 08-Aug-2014
 DepartureDate dd-mmm-yy  Day of departure - example 11-Aug-2014
 RequestDate dd-mmm-yy  Date the original booking was added to external system. example 21-Jun-2014
 NumberOfGuest number Number of guest on booking, excludes children
 Status string Status - valid values are 'Confirmed', 'Unconfirmed', 'Request', 'Cancelled', 'NoShow'
 TotalRate number Total Rate in your system currency, example 456.76
 MainGuestTitle string Main guest title, can be an empty string.
 MainGuestFirstname string Main guest first name, can be empty string but if so must supply a surname
 MainGuestSurname string Main guest surname, can be empty string but if so must supply a first name
 MainGuestEmail string A valid email address. Can be empty string but if so must supply a telephone number.
 MainGuestPhone string A valid phone number, can be an empty string but if so must supply an email address.
 AllocatedRoomsAsList string A list of allocated rooms. Each room must match a room name on guestbook 24/7. Multiple rooms names can be specified separated by a comma. Can be an empty string if no allocated rooms for booking. Example allocating rooms 'one' and 'four' to a booking. "one, four"

Optional Fields

 Name Type Description
 NumberOfChildren number Number of children.
 NumberOfRooms  number The number of requested rooms. Must be greater than 0
 BookingSource string Which source or channel did the booking come through. Any valid string value.
 BreakfastRequired boolean TRUE or FALSE
 FullboardRequired  boolean  TRUE or FALSE
 ChildBedRequired  boolean Child or baby bed required  TRUE or FALSE
 ApartmentRequired  boolean TRUE or FALSE
 MainGuestAddress1  string Address of main guest
 MainGuestAddress2  string Address of main guest
 MainGuestAddress3  string Address of main guest
 MainGuestPostCode  string Postcode of main guest
 MainGuestCountry  string Country of main guest

Start An Import

Assuming you have a file in the correct format ready to import than access the import bookings page from the menu Setup | Booking Import. This will show the page below.

Import Overview
Click "Choose File", select your import file, click "Upload". You will then either get a set of Validation Messages that prevent uploading or a review of the bookings that have been successfully imported.

Import Success
The above shows all the bookings imported successfully for a single file import. Click "Details" to see the popup booking details. There's a short cut to review any warnings that the imported bookings have. These warnings do not prevent the import of the bookings.

If there are validation issues with the import file then the whole import is stopped and the validation messages displayed as below.
Import Validation Messages

As can be seen above an import file failed pass validation because there are already bookings with the same "Channel Bookings IDs" present. Could indicate that the file has already been imported on a previous attempt.

Other validation conditions include:

  • the room names in the import file don't match those defined in Guestbook 24/7. Either change the data in the import file or edit the room names in Guestbook 24/7
  • conflicting bookings. Either two or more bookings in the import file have overlapping bookings for the same room or a booking on the import file has an overlapping bookings with a booking already in Guestbook 24/7 for the same room.

  • currently only CSV file formatted supported
  • by default only 100 bookings per file can be imported
  • by default only 1000 bookings in total can imported - can be increased with agreement, please contact us.
  • payment records information can not be imported. The total rate can.
  • only details of the main guest can be imported not the other guest.