Getting Started

This is a quick guide to help you get started with registering and using Guestbook 24/7. If you have not already registered to use Guestbook 24/7 then review the registration process.

To login browse to and use your valid user ID and password. You will then see the homepage, this shows you a lot of useful information, such as an availability calendar, up and coming arrivals, departures, payments coming due and recent enquiries.

We suggest to get to know Guestbook 247 you first manually create some bookings and enquiries, add some payments and produce invoices. This will get you familiar with the main concepts. Then explore more advance features such as :

The Portal Page

The image below helps you understand the portal page. At any time you can click on the Guestbook logo to return to the portal page. Click on image to see in full size

Active portal page

To see the details of an individual booking you can click on a booking from the availability calendar or from one of the list. This is how the quick pop up booking view looks -

Pop up booking view

Click on the tabs to dig deeper into the booking. If you need to edit the booking then simple click "Edit". This will bring up the full booking edit page.


The settings page allows you to configure several important properties about your business and the way Guestbook 24/7 behaves. The settings are available from the Setup | Settings menu. From this page you can configure things like whether to receive daily email summaries, the type of child age bands to use and to set your terms and conditions for guest to review and agree to through the Online Guest Confirmation feature.

Customise Bookings Sources

For each booking you can select the booking source (marketing channel) the booking originated from. This maybe from your own website, via a tourist office or various online booking sites. This is valuable information for reporting and analysing your business. You can add, edit, remove booking sources to suit your needs. See the Booking Sources page for more info.

Importing Data

If you already have booking and guest data in another system or a spreadsheet for instance there's a feature to import data direct into Guestbook 24/7. Please review the Data Import page for details.

Manage Rooms

During registration you would have indicated how many rooms your property has. The system has automatically added these rooms for you but now you can change options for each room such as the maximum occupancy & the rooms names. See the Manage Rooms page for full details