Booking Payments

Guestbook 24/7 allows you to record payments and payment reminders against bookings. When a booking is first created a base rate is entered that is the rate agreed for the booking at that time. The system will automatically add 2 payment records, one as a deposit and the other the balancing payment. The amounts for these payment records are set to zero, you must decide the details. A payment record allows you to setup a due date for a payment and to record when the actual payment was taken. If no deposit is required you can simply delete the deposit record.

You can manage payments from the Booking Edit page where a payments section is displayed. This list all payment records and a summary value "Difference To Invoice Total". This is what is left to pay, the difference between invoiced items and what's been paid.

Payment List - Simple

In the above example the invoice total is the same as the base rate, implying that no extra chargeable items have been added to the booking. Also we see 2 payment records, a deposit and balancing payment both of which have been paid.

Payment List with outstanding amount

In the above example we still have 20€ that needs paying. We can see that the invoice total is different to the base rate, implying extra items have been added to the booking. We can see these items from the Invoice page. The Deposit and Balance payment records have been paid, probably before the guest has checked out. But during the stay the guest accumulated some chargeable items, and further payment is due.

To record a payment on check out it's easier to use the Invoice feature. From this page you can see all the invoice items and the outstanding balance, there's also a "Add Quick Payment" button to record a final payment from the guest. See the Invoice help for details.

From the Payment List on the Booking edit page clicking a payment will show the following popup form. This allows you to edit the details of a payment.

Payments PopUp

From the homepage you can see which payments are coming due.

Payments Due