Reservation Import Format

This supported format allows you to easily import bookings from You will need to access the portal to run a report to export data to a XLS file. This will need to be converted or saved as a CSV file.Then uploaded using Guestbook 24/7.

This is useful to bring across initial bookings or to perform regular imports from Please note we also offer an automated full 2 way synchronisation service with our partners which works with amongst many other leading OTAs.

Creating Export from

1. Log in normally to your extranet admin page.

2. Click on the ‘Reservations’ button. reservations

3. Select ‘Reservation’ (1) from the box and your desired date range (2) to import into Guestbook 247. Then click ‘show’ (3) range filter

3. Once your reservations have loaded onto the screen, choose ‘download’ (4) and save them to the folder of your choice. download csv

Convert to CSV only offer to download in XLS format. This needs converting to CSV file format. This can be done using a number of apps including Microsoft Excel or Google Docs for instance. In both cases you'll need to open the downloaded xls file and then "Save As" or "Download As" etc. Select CSV format.

Import to Guestbook 24/7

Start by accessing

Step 1.

Click "Choose file" - select saved export from portal

Ensure "booking_com" selected in the drop down list "Select File Format"

Click the UPLOAD button.

Step 2 : Review bookings - when all pass validation

The above will show when all the bookings in the CSV file are valid for importing. If you are happy to import these bookings then proceed by clicking "Start Importing"

Step 2 - Review Validation Messages

Sometimes bookings can not be imported due to problems understanding the exported data. We try to display appropriate and helpful messages next to each booking that can not be imported. If one booking can't be imported then the whole file will not be imported. You must correct the file and try again.

In the example above it's probable the file and it's bookings have already been imported before.

Step 3 - Review Imported Bookings

The bookings have now been imported.

Please note for this import format no rooms will be allocated. In the list above you can see how many rooms have been booked. You must now allocate those rooms in guestbook 24/7. To make this easier click the Details button against each booking. Please be sure to click Save button on the Details dialog after you have selected a room. You can select a room from either the drop down list or by clicking on 'Show Allocated Rooms' which will show the availability calendar.

You can always get back the import review list via the

or from the menu Integrations | Booking Import

Allocate Rooms

Please Note

- Only bookings with a status of "ok" will be imported.

- Payment record will be added only for those bookings with a payment status of "Paid Online"

- Any "remarks" will be added as "important notes"

- A complete copy of the data for each imported booking is added as a note.

- Past bookings can be imported.

- There is a file size limit and number of bookings limit dependent on your subscription.

- When