iCalendar & AirBnB

iCalendar or iCal is a standard for exporting and importing calendar events between different systems. Guestbook247 provides a link specific for each of your rooms to export room availability. This makes it very easy to have room availability linked to services like Airbnb, google, outlook or your iPhone. There's a link for each individual room. So we can link airbnb to a specific room to get availability from Guestbook247.

Copy iCalendar Link

To access the link for each rooms navigate to the Manage Rooms page, app.guestbook247/room

and from here click edit for a specific room. The Edit Room page shows a "iCalendar Link", to copy the link click "Copy...", this pops up small window showing the link. Now press the CTRL button and the "C" button together to copy the link to the clipboard.

iCal link Room Details

Add iCalendar to Airbnb

Login into your Airbnb account then navigate to https://www.airbnb.co.uk/calendar_mappings This page shows all imported calendars and allows new calendars to be imported.

Click "import a new calendar"

Airbnb calendars page
  • choose your target property

  • for "Choose your calendar source" select "other"

  • click the "Found It" button

  • paste the link the you copied from Guestbook247 (use CTRL-V or mouse right click - paste)

  • click "Import This Calendar"

  • The calendar is imported

  • Check the airbnb calendar.

Airbnb import new calendar

Note that airbnb can take several hours to perform the next sync but you can force a sync in airbnb by clicking the "Sync Now" link from it's calendar page.

Airbnb own help describes this process here https://www.airbnb.co.uk/help/article/99