Warnings are system generated advisories for a booking. Warnings include item such as:

    • no guest for a booking

    • no rooms allocated

    • no base rate specified

    • mismatch between number of booking rooms requested and those allocated

Warning can be seen in several places including on the Booking Edit page, the Booking details popup in their own tab or a list of all warnings for all bookings from the menu option Bookings | Warnings.

Warnings do not prevent anything from happening, they are just advisories. Some warnings maybe irrelevant to the way in which you conduct your business. In the future we hope to make warnings configurable so that you can decided which are relevant to your business.

From within the application each warning has a link to a pop-up window with a full explanation of the specific warning. Here's an example

Popup Warning From Booking Edit Page

Below if the global list of warnings grouped by booking accessed from menu option Booking|Warnings

Warning Listing