Demonstration Bookings

During the registration process there's an option to have demonstration bookings added to the system. The idea behind this is to help new users play and user Guestbook 24/7 with minimum fuss. Around 10 demo bookings and guests are added to the system and are immediately visible from the homepage. These bookings and guests are regular items that can be edited or deleted. During this demo stage new bookings and guests can also be added. The homepage will display a warning message if there are demo bookings on the system. this warning message provide a link to the "Manage Demo" page.

Homepage Demo Booking Warning

When the user is ready to start using Guestbook 24/7 for live data then they can decide what action to take with the initial demo bookings. Either click the link in the warning message or access the menu option Setup | Demo Bookings to access the demo bookings page as shown below

Manage Demo Bookings

There are now two options:

Delete All Bookings : this option will delete ALL bookings and guest currently associated with the account, even bookings added by the user. So use with caution!

Keep the demo bookings: this option allows the user to keep all the current bookings and guests and to prevent the warning message appearing on the homepage about there being demo bookings present.

Selecting either option will prevent the warning message appearing on the homepage and prevent access to the Demo Booking page itself - thus prevent the deleting of all data anytime in the future.