Find out how you can use your Amazon Echo device to ask Alexa for Guestbook 247 booking information.


To use the Guestbook247 Alexa skill you will need:

  • an Amazon Echo device including the Dot

  • a valid Amazon account

  • the companion Alexa App installed on a suitable device like your android smartphone

  • a compatible Guestbook247 (free trial account, monthly subscription or Gold Account)

Install the Guestbook247 Skill

  • From the Alexa app access the Skills from the menu. Search for 'guestbook247'

  • Click Enable

  • You will be then be prompted to sign in. Use a valid Amazon username and password.

    • This is your authority to Amazon to connect this skill to Guestbook 247.

  • You may be sent an authorization code to enter by Amazon - follow the given instructions.

  • All going well you will say a confirmation message that the skill is linked - though not quite....

Provide Your Amazon Email To Guestbook 247

Once the Alexa skill is installed following steps above you need to provide your Amazon email to Guestbook 247.

Start asking Alexa

  • Alexa launch Guestbook 247

  • who is arriving today?

  • who is leaving today?

  • today's important notes

  • any new bookings?

  • any new requests?

  • who is here today?

  • to give me a hint

Once you launch the Guestbook 247 skill you remain in the Guestbook 247 for a short period of time after each response. If you don't respond with another question in that time then you'll need to launch Guestbook 247 again. You can ask direct questions such as

  • Alexa ask Guestbook 247 who's arriving today?

  • Alexa ask Guestbook 247 today's new bookings?

Future Enhancements

Keep an eye out for future enhancements, this is an initial release, we hope to bring more features soon.