BookIt - Instant Bookings

Take direct paid for bookings using Guestbook 24/7 BookIt feature. Simply link to BookIt from your own website and let your guest book and pay with ease. A fully integrated feature of Guestbook 24/7 using our sophisticated booking engine to enable you set up rates and availability to suit your needs.

  • choose the deposit level

  • set regular base rates

  • set weekend rates

  • set holiday rates

  • minimum stay

  • block same day bookings

  • restricted checkin days and times

  • integrates with Stripe for payments handling

  • Bookings appear in Guestbook 24/7 instantly

Getting Started

BookIt uses Stripe for payments processing. Stripe offers very competitive payment fees and a great user experience for you and your guests. Stripe is available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, for most EU countries and many more, See here for a complete country list. In order to get started with BookIt you need a Stripe account and then link that to Guestbook 24/7. If you already have a Stripe account then that can be linked to Guestbook 24/7.

When a guest books and pays through BookIt the payment minus any fees instantly appears in your Stripe account. From here you are able to transfer on to your own bank account. For more information on how Stripe.

Step 1

From Guestbook 24/7 access menu option Integrations | Instant Bookings or click here.

By granting access to Guestbook 24/7 means we are able to post guest payments to your account and deduct applicable fees at that point. Fees depend on your pricing plan with Guestbook 24/7.

Step 2

If your account is not already linked to Stripe then Click the "Link Stripe Payments" button.

This will redriect you to Stripe's registration pages. If you already have a Stripe account click the Sign In link otherwise go ahead a create a new account. (sign-up)

Stripe Register

Step 3a Already Have Account

After logging into Stripe you will shortly be redirected back to Guestbook 24/7 and see a confirmation message that you are now connected.

Step 3b New Stripe Account

After competing the Stripe registration process you will be redirected back to Guestbook 24/7 and see a confirmation message that you are now connected.

Step 4 Create Availability Rules

Now you have connected to Stripe you are almost ready to start taking direct bookings. But you need to now setup your first availability rate rule. See here for instructions on creating availability rules.

Step 5 Try it out

From menu option Integrations | Instant Bookings you will see a link to your own BookIt webpage. This is the link you need to share from your own website or direct to guest.

Direct Booking Setup

From here search for the availability you have configured and proceed with the booking process.

That's it, sit back and wait for guest to start booking.

Deposit Rate

how to configure deposits rate. Depends in plan???????

Same Day Block

If you don't want to take bookings on the day of arrival then use the Same Day Block feature. This is accessible from

Your First Booking

To get your first paid booking through BookIt you'll need to have at least one availability rule setup in Guestbook 24/7. We highly recommend you start by setting up a simple availability rule and navigating to your BookIt link. From there perform a search for the availability and step through the booking process.


All fees are deducted by the Stripe platform on payment and the balance credited to your Stripe account. Stripe will take their payment fee, see current stripe fee for the UK.

Depending on your Guestbook 24/7 subscription additional fees may apply.


  • How do I handle payment disputes and refunds

    • Through the stripe portal. All payment is handled via Stripe

  • How can I match payments in Guestbook 24/7 to Stripe

    • Easy - when a guest pays via stripe a booking is created with a payment record. By locating the booking and the payments details you will see a link to the Stripe payment. This takes you to the stripe portal.