Manage Rooms and Room Types

With Guestbook you must define a set of rooms and optionally room types, such as single, double room. To enable direct bookings or to publish rates and availability through myAllocator you must define room types.

Room Types

Required to enable direct bookings and synchronization with leading OTAs like via myAllocator (CloudBeds). When you first register there are no room types added for you, so to add your first room type access SetUp | Room Types menu option or click here.

The basic information is a name and description but for direct bookings you can also max occupancy , add photos and select room facilities, these appear on the guest BookIt application.


From the Setup | Rooms menu options. The page shows all the rooms for your property. Select "Edit" to make changes or "New Room" to add a room.

Room List

The room fields are as follows:

    • Room Name or Number: This is the label you refer to a rooms as.

    • Description : a longer free text description of a room

    • Max Occupancy : used when synching with OTAs. Set via the associated room type.

    • Is Apartment : not used in the system, but useful to note.

    • Hide From Public Availability : If checked then the room is not shown on the widget or hosted pages when integrated with your own website.

Edit Room Details