To start using Guestbook 24/7 you need to get registered. This process collects a small amount of information about you and your business in order to setup your personalised account. We require no payment details from you, so that you can start using Guestbook 24/7 for free with no obligations to stay with us. To start the registration process click here

The first page of registration (click image to see in full size)


The first page ask for your username which will be used to sign in. If the username you choose is already in use then a red cross appears next to it, simply select another username. Next you need to supply a password, must contain at least one numeric digit. Your email will be used for system notifications such as for receiving a daily summary of your bookings. If you have a promotion code enter here, if it's valid a green tick will display, otherwise a red cross indicates it's not valid. Also you need to select a subscription plan that best suits your needs. This can be changed at the end of your trial period.

Finally please take the time to read your subscription agreement and tick the box to say you are ready to proceed. Note that signing up now does not oblige you to provide payment information now or in the future or to keep using Guestbook 24/7.

The second step is shown below. (click image to see in full size)

Registration Page 2

Here we collect a little more information so we can create your account. Please note the currency field, it's important you select the appropriate currency for your business.

When you submit this page the number of rooms field will be used to automatically setup the rooms for your property. The next and final stage allows you to make adjustments to the added rooms, such as the maximum occupancy for each room.

Registration Rooms

By default each room is added with an occupancy of 2 persons. This is used in the system to warn when a room is over booked. From the page to start using Guestbook 24/7 simply click the logo in the top left corner or the button labelled "here". You are now ready to start getting to know the system, the Getting Started Guide will be useful now.