Future Features

This page list features that are being considered for developing or in the pipeline for release. We are always looking to improve and add required features to Guestbook 24/7. Your feedback helps drive what gets added.

Online Bookings with Credit / Debit card processing

We are currently looking at providing a full online booking capability including the processing of guest's credit / debit cards. We are looking at using www.stripe.com for payment processing. This is quite a substantial feature that will require a rate card for setting prices for each room, an online booking experience that can be simply linked to an existing website and payment processing. Stay tuned for further updates.

TripAdvisor TripConnect

Once we complete the online booking feature we will then consider integrating with Tripadvisor TripConnect. This will allow your availability to visible via the TripConnect programme, a cost per click structure.

Expense Tracking

To provide a feature that allows you to record your business expenses. Much like managing invoicing you will be able to define your own expense categories, simply add expenses, run reports and export data suitable for your accountant or accounts software.

Enhanced Reporting

A reporting feature to include a number of reports covering areas like room occupancy, rate analysis, booking source breakdown, etc.

Tourist Tax Support

For the Austrian market we can supply specific help with the obligation to supply tourist tax information.


At this point in time guestbook247 is only available in English. The intention is to create a German version if the market is there.

Channel Management

The ability to link data from this system to a selection of online booking systems. So hopefully the system will automatically or semi-automatically import new or changed bookings from online booking sites and upload room availability. This ability will help make it easier to have all your data in one system, this then makes managing availability, scheduling, reporting etc much more valuable and useful.

To proceed with this feature we need to know which are the most popular booking sites being used. We cannot provide channel management for every online booking site so we need feedback on the sites you use most.

Multi-property support

We intend to improve the way in which we support businesses with multiple properties they wish to manage under a single account.