Booking Sources

Against each booking you can record the source of the booking. This is extremely useful to track where your revenue is coming from. By default you will have a set of Booking Source, but you can customise these to your own needs. For instance if you are running say a Facebook campaign then create a specific Booking Source for that. Once a campaign is finished you can de-activate the associated Booking Source, it will remain on the system for reporting but will not appear as an active Booking Source.

Create Booking with Booking Sources Dropped down

The above image shows the Create Booking page and the list of default Booing Sources available to select from.

Manage Booking Sources

To Add, Edit, Delete, Deactivate booking sources access the Booking Sources option from the setup menu. This will show a list of current booking sources that you can manage. Note that there are a few booking sources that you can't change such as "Admin".

Booking Sources List

To add a new booking source click the "Add Booking Source" button. This shows a very simple popup form containing a name and description field.

Booking Souce Add

To delete or de-activate a booking source click the Delete button. If the booking source is referenced by one or more bookings it will be archived so that reports and data exports still include the correct information. The booking source will no longer appear in the list of available sources for new bookings. If there are no bookings using the booking source it will be deleted from the system.

Reports and Export

The Booking Source breakdown of bookings can be viewed in the "Booking Source" report and is included in the data export for bookings.