Settings & Options

There are several setting that impact how Guestbook 24/7 operates.


Name & Description

Feel free to change, note these fields are displayed in emails and some web pages to guests.

Receive Daily Email Summary

Tick this option to receive a daily email that summarises recent enquiries, up and coming arrivals and departures, payments coming due & bookings recently worked on. The email contains links to relevant bookings so that it forms a great shortcut even on smartphones to access Guestbook 24/7 quickly and easily. The email is sent between 6 - 7am GMT.

Receive Email When Enquiry Received From Widget

Tick option to receive an email each time an enquiry is submitted through the enquiry widget. The Recent Enquiry list on the homepage is also updated with new enquiries.

Use Child Age Bands

Tick this to change the way the number of child is specified for a booking from a single how many children field to a set of age band fields

Number Of Children Single

Without Child Age Bands

Number Of Children Multiple

Using Child Age Bands

Use Extended Enquiry Widget

Tick this option to include extra fields on the enquiry widget as shown here...

Enquiry Widget Extended

Property Options Condition

This a free text field that is shown on the Enquiry Widget. It's associated with the extended options available when the "Use Extended Enquiry Widget" option is used, see the above screenshot.

Property Booking Terms and Conditions

A free text (formatted) field to specify the business's booking terms and conditions. These are only visible when a via the link contained in a guest confirmation email. These emails are sent on request to Guests so that the guest has the chance to review the t&c, confirm agreement and to provide additional information for the booking.