MyAllocator Setup

Getting setup with MyAllocator takes several steps from creating a MyAllocator account, adding in room types and then linking with Guestbook and setting up rates and availability rules in Guestbook.

Fees and Cost

To use MyAllocator you'll need to be on a paid for monthly Guestbook subscription or a gold partner account or under the free trial period.

The MyAllocator account is a contract with a separate company and has their own fees - though we think the most competitive in the market for the service they offer. They also offer a 30 day free trial period - this is fully functional without restrictions.

Please note that you may find MyAllocator rates work out cheaper in a foreign currency, for instance for UK customers it's probably cheaper to pay MyAllocator in Euros but please review MyAllocator pricing at the time, current exchange rates and your own foreign exchange rates fees. To get Euro rates select a Eurozone country such as France. This country selection is only used for the currency pricing.

Create a MyAllocator Account

Simply browse to the MyAllocator sign up page and complete the form. Ensure you select GuestBook 24/7 from the list of Property Management Systems (PMS). You don't need to submit any payment information to start the free trial.

Configure MyAllocator

Room Types

Add your room types such as single or double room types. Guestbook will syncronise availability rules against room types. In the myallocator portal Click Manage | Rooms then "New Room Type"


From myallocator you need to add the OTAs / Channels that you need to synchronise with. The setup steps for each OTA is a little different and fully explained within the myalloctor site.

We do suggest when you are new to myallocator and guestbook you only add "Developer Loopback" channel to get familiar with the process. This is a special test channel. With only this channel enabled you can safely get your rules setup in guestbook and test they publish to myallocator okay. From myallocator you can access its "Availability" calendar to verify the expected result.

Link MyAllocator to Guestbook 24/7

Now back in Guestbook 24/7 we need to link the newly created MyAllocator account. From the menu select Integrations | MyAllocator Connection or click here This will show the current link status to MyAllocator. If there is already a valid link this pages shows a list of room types from MyAllocator.

If you haven't linked yet then click enter your myallocator credentials and click 'Submit'. After a short time the page is refreshed with the room type info from myallocator.

Link Room Types

You need to link the individual room types by accessing the Settings | Room Type page in Guestbook or click here. Copy the MyAllocator Room Type Id to the the corresponding field in Guestbook for each room type.

Add Your First Rate and Availability Rule

You are now ready to add your first availability and rate rule using Guestbook 247. See the Availability Rules help pages for getting started.