Close your Account

As much as we don't want to lose you as a client of Guestbook you can of course close your account at any time. To close your account access the menu Settings | Close Account option. You'll need to be the organisation owner to access this feature. Note that closing your account means:

  • all associated user accounts are removed

  • you'll no longer have access to Guestbook 247 or your data such as guest details and booking details.

  • We recommend you use the Data Export feature to take copies of guest and booking data before closing your account.

  • We don't offer refunds for subscriptions already paid.

  • For a time we will keep data associated with your account within our backup media. Backups of databases are kept securely according to the Guestbook 247 backup policy.

  • Once you close your account you'll receive a confirmation email.

Any questions about closing your account please use the Feedback option from within the Guestbook app.