Find a Booking

There are several ways to locate bookings that are already in Guestbook 24/7.

Recent Booking Activity

To list the bookings that have been worked on most recently. This currently shows the last 25 bookings that have been added or changed.


The search booking feature allows you to specify a number of criteria to search for bookings including:

  • guest name

  • arrival and departure dates plus a days offset

  • request date (when the booing was created on the system)

  • Status (Enquiry, Confirmed, Cancelled, etc)

  • Booking Source (where did the booking come from)

Any bookings matching the criteria are listed and from there you can edit a selected booking.

Find Guest

You can also search by guest direct using:

  • names

  • email

  • phone

Any matching guests are listed with the option to add a new booking for the selected guest, edit the guest details or email the guest. Clicking edit will show the guest details and all the bookings they have made anytime in the past.

Recent Enquiries

Shows the list of enquiries, oldest first. Enquiries are either created by you or from visitors to your website where you have the enquiry widget installed.

Other Methods

You can also easily lick through to a booking from the Schedule, Availability view or the list of Warnings.