Online Guest Confirmation

The online guest confirmation feature allows a guest to easily review the main booking details, read and agree to the custom t&cs and provide further information. For guest that book using the direct booking app, BookIt, an automatically email is sent containing a link to the confirmation page.

For other bookings you can send an email from the Booking edit page to a booking's main contact containing a link to the confirmation page for the guest to access.

Get Setup

To set-up the guest confirmation process there are a couple of recommend steps that need completing. First off it's recommended you provide your own bookings terms & conditions which will then be included on the guest confirmation page. These terms and conditions can be entered on the settings page or by clicking here

The second optional step is to upload your own business logo. This will then appear on the guest confirmation page and accompanying email. This can be done via the Setup | Branding menu option or clicking here

Logo Upload

Sending The Email

An email needs to be sent to the main guest of a booking inviting them to access the guest confirmation page. This is simply done from the main booking edit page for a booking. Under the booking status is a button titled "Send Confirmation". Clicking this will perform a couple of checks and if these pass an email will be generated and sent to the main guest of the booking.

Send Confirmation Button

The following checks are done before an email can be sent.

    • is the booking confirmed - if not a message will be displayed telling the user this.

    • is there an email for the main guest - if not a message will be displayed telling the user this.

It's possible to resend an email invite though a warning message will appear on clicking the "Send Confirmation Email" if the system detects an email has previously been sent.

Confirmation Email

On clicking the link in the email the guest is taken to the following page that shows the details of their booking. Each email link contains a unique randomly generated code that is impossible for someone to guess without the email containing the link.

Guest Confirmation Page

As you can see above the guest gets a chance review your t&cs, confirm there contact details and enter other guest information , if that's required.

Did Guest Confirm Booking?

Once the guest submits this page you will receive an email message informing which booking has been confirmed. Also on homepage the Recent Activity listing will show the booking with a change of GuestConfirmedBooking. Lastly on Booking Details pop up available via the homepage will show the date and time the guest accepted the terms and conditions.

Guest Confirmed Email

Email notification that guest has read t&cs and confirmed booking.

Guest Confirms Booking

The recent activity list shows which bookings have recently been confirmed

Terms And Conditions Accepted On PopUp

Note that on the Booking Details above the "Terms and Conditions Accepted" date and time.

Preview Confirmation

From the booking edit page click the "Preview Confirmation" to see a preview, just like the guest will see. This will open in a new browser tab.

Complete User Experience Test

If you wish to test this whole feature yourself then select a test booking and change the email of the main contact to an email address you own. Proceed to "Send Confirmation" from the Booking Edit page. Be sure to set the main guest's email back when you have finished the test.