Enquiry Widget

A booking enquiry widget is a way to embed a simple enquiry form on your existing website. So for instance if you have a website to advertise your guest house you should be able to quite easily add a line of code (which we supply) to make a enquiry form appear on your site. Any visitor to your site can then fill in the form and submit a request. This enquiry is saved to guestbook247 in the cloud and can be accessed under the "Recent Request" list on the homepage.

To integrate the enquiry widget with your own website browse to https://app.guestbook247.com/Organisation/WidgetInfo. You will see something similar to this screen....

Enquiry widget setup

You have the option of using the iFrame code to embed the enquiry form on your own website or you can provide a link using the URL . The URL will show a webpage hosted by Guestbook247 that displays your own logo if one has been uploaded.

Notice that the URL contains a long sequence of numbers and alpha characters towards the end - this is a unique code to your account.

Here's how an enquiry widget looks when integrated with a website

Enquiry Widget Rendered Basic

Exactly what fields are displayed in the widget is configurable from the settings page. For instance you can decide how child's ages are banded, either as above with a single child field or as shown below with several age bands.

Banded Child Fields

We can also select through the settings to display extended enquiry options to include items like whether the guest wants Breakfast or Baby Bed and you can include your free text of any special conditions, as shown below

Enquiry Widget Rendered in extended mode

When a potential guest user the enquiry widget an email is sent to the potential guest and the accommodation owner. Also from the homepage the Recent Enquiries list will show the most recent enquiries.

Recent Enquiry List

An availability calendar can also be added to your website for guests to review. See Availability Widget for details.