Availability Widget

An availability calendar can be added to your own external website for your guest to view. This is similar to the availability calendar from the homepage but does not distinguish between confirmed, unconfirmed or closed rooms and does not provide any details about any other bookings to your website visitors. The following shows how the availability calendar could look when integrated with your own website.

Availability Widget in action

The user can scroll forward in time but can't go back beyond the current day.

You can select which rooms to show on the public availability through a setting for each room. Review the Room Management page.

To integrate the enquiry widget with your own website browse to https://app.guestbook247.com/Organisation/WidgetInfo. You will see something similar to this screen....

Availability widget setup

You have the option of using the iFrame code to embed the enquiry form on your own website or you can provide a link using the URL . The URL will show a webpage hosted by Guestbook247 that displays your own logo if one has been uploaded.

Notice that the URL contains a long sequence of numbers and alpha characters towards the end - this is a unique code to your account.

This widget compliments the Enquiry Widget which is used to capture a guest enquiry.