The Team

Wayne Britton - Director and Lead Technician

Wayne - Mugshot

Wayne has over 25 years experience in the development world. Way back beyond the dawn of the web Wayne could be found playing with his Commodore Vic 20 and then the Commodore 64. It was here that the lifetime interest in computer programming was seeded. The real foundation came with a first class honours degree in Computer Science from Kingston University, London. From here Wayne started a long and varied career as a freelance software developer working for a large range of clients exposing him to many technologies, people, management styles and processes with small and multinational corporations. The early days saw a mix of development using Clipper and C and network support at the start of the PC / LAN revolution in the late 80s. With the release of Visual Basic by Microsoft Wayne found a new tool to bring about rapid development for clients and users. Later with the emergence of SQL Server and a more capable and stable version of Visual Basic Wayne was involved in designing and leading the development of leading edge enterprise level client server and n-tier applications. With the explosion of the Web came the release of the Microsoft .Net framework. Wayne soon got his teeth into this exciting and extensive new framework for development. It was a and still is a challenge to keep up with the extent and speed of technology changes. but this is what keeps developers fired up and ready for each new project. In more recent times Wayne has combined a passion for hands on development with the bigger picture of how to effectively deliver software development projects by adopting Agile and Scrum. Wayne is a certified Scum Master and has helped many teams adopt more agile ways to deliver projects focussed on delivering business value.

Wayne isn't all about IT. To unwind and recharge he has a deep passion for alpine skiing that has led him and his family all over the world. He has become a trained ski instructor and accomplished all round skier. During the ski off season Wayne will be found windsurfing, mountain biking or dreaming of the first snowfalls for the new ski season.

The keen interest in skiing is what in part has led to the Guest House Management project. Wayne has a network of people he knows well in the accommodation trade. This has provided the seed for the project and these people have played an important part in its development and bringing it to the market.