Providing Feedback

Providing feedback is essential for us to improve and evolve Guestbook 24/7. The feedback is categorized as follows:

  • bugs that you stumble across, every system has bugs, that's life!

  • ideas for

    • new features

    • enhancements

    • improvements to the UI (look and feel)

  • questions

    • how do I do this?

    • will it do this anytime soon?

    • how does my data get backed up?

    • etc

  • Likes

    • tell us what you like about the app (anything please!)

  • commerical thoughts

    • the correct pricing level (how much would you pay for such software)

    • reselling ideas, commisions based

    • thoughts on advertising banners (local builders, hotel service providers, shops, etc)

    • data privacy and security concerns.

To make it as easy as possible to supply feedback when using Guestbook247 you'll notice to the right hand side of the browser a green button with "Feedback" on it. So if you find a bug, have an idea, need to ask a question go ahead ad click the Feedback button. This will pop up a feedback form for you to fill in. Pretty straight forward, select the category of feedback (bug, idea, etc), give it a title and more detailed description. There's also an importance (1 to 5) selection, this is a rough guide to how important the bug, idea, question is, 1 being very important, 5 less so.

On clicking "Send" your feedbck is saved and added to a feedback part of the beta support website, Once saved a confirmation message is displayed providing a link to the newly added feedback. You can access this feedbck site anytime to read comments from other people and add further comments.

You'll notice that the feedback on the beta support site includes a bunch of further information towards the top. It is useful to us to know where in the application you provided "feedback" and captures some info like the web browser you were using at the time.